Our Company

Gelan Digital Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.(short for "GELAN")is a technology company initiated by specialists and devoted to providing professional digital services for green development. InsBlue is an innovative big data service platform that developed by GELAN. InsBlue provides enterprises with professional ESG data and dynamic risk management and control services. GELAN aims to promote sustainable development by using digital technology, especially in the following three aspects:

Service Tenet

GELAN aims to help enterprises achieve the following management goals by providing advanced ESG data services and digital solutions

  • Help enterprises to enhance management resilience and anti-risk capabilities, and continue to improve business sustainability

  • Linking upstream and downstream enterprises, connecting industrial enterprises and financial institutions, and helping various commercial and investment activities to efficiently make green choices and promote green improvements

  • Discover green development and green investment opportunities for enterprises

GELAN's Core Value

  • Big Data Aggregation:

    Achieve efficient data collection and sorting by using powerful data collection network and advanced internet technology. Track more than 5,000 data sources daily. Over 1.9 billion ESG-related data has been collected, covering nearly 8 million companies and 31 provinces /autonomous regions & 337 cities.

  • Data Analytics:

    The value of data can be quickly and efficiently mined to form high-quality structured data through advanced technologies such as natural language processing and knowledge graph technology.

  • Data Insight:

    Combine with ESG expertise and leading capabilities of modeling and analytics. Transform structured data into deep insights to support business decisions.

  • Disclosure:

    An efficient and rigorous information disclosure mechanism enhances communication with stakeholders and promotes enterprises' competitiveness.

  • Capacity Building:

    Provide a flexible ESG management learning platform and enhance the ESG management capabilities of enterprises through advanced technical approaches and modes.